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Oshun's Flow



Oshun's Flow was a "#1 New Release" on!

(May & June, 2021, "Children's African History Fiction" category.)


Book Description: 


Oshun makes the water flow.  The water makes everything grow!  For this flow, Oshun needs respect and thanksgiving.  The people of Osogbo remember this, but some people in the world do not.  So can the water still flow everywhere?  


Find out how the children of Osogbo help Oshun, the water, and the world. Oshun (Ọ̀ṣun) is the West African Yoruba Goddess of fresh water and life.  All the books in the ‘Yoruba Orisa Children’s Series’ come from the ancient sacred stories of Odu Orisa / Ifa! 


“Oshun’s Flow” helps readers appreciate African culture AND the environment!  This is the third book in the “Yoruba Orisa Children’s Series.”  While the book's age range is 0-10, it is culturally enriching for any age. 


Author:  Dr. Winmiláwẹ̀ is a bestselling author, PhD in African History, healer, and longtime Yorùbá-Orisa Ọ̀ṣun priestess (an Ìyálòrìṣà).  More on her website


Illustrator:  Sadiq Olajide is an illustrator, musician, and dance artist. He is Yorùbá, and lives in Ọ̀ṣun’s city of Òṣogbo, Nigeria.  Contact him here


For activities see book page 22, and the author's Teachers page.


To support the actual Osun/Osogbo Grove see: Wenger, Monuments, and Araba-Osogbo!



ISBN: Paperback 9780983931812;  Hardcover 9780983931850.


24 pages.