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     The ‘Yoruba Orisa Children’s Series’ picture books feature the ever popular West African divine forces called “Orisa”.  Acclaim for the first book led to the next two books being #1 new releases on!  Dr. (and Iya) Winmilawe’s pioneering series is one of the first in children’s literature to feature the Orisa.  Even more rare, she expertly adapted the stories directly from the ancient sacred Yoruba literature of Odu Ifa / Orisa.

     Shango’s Son, Obatala’s Daughter Discovers True Friends, and Oshun’s Flow are colorful, adventurous, representations of historical-fiction, and are sometimes referred to as African folktales.  All the books showcase: symbols of the Orisa, easy Yoruba vocabulary, and insightful fun lessons.  The artists’ original paintings authentically express the best of this African society.  

     The books are suitable for young children on up.  They are distributed in school districts throughout the United States, and continue to sell internationally. The ‘Yoruba Orisa Children’s Series’ books are required reading for any fan of traditional culture!